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  • Results Through Teamwork
  • Governance Structure
  • Code of Ethics

Impactful results through teamwork

Through educational programs, trainings, and service days, we support the growth of our communities so they continue to flourish even after our mines are closed.

With such a large presence within each location we operate, we believe it’s important to not only display utmost respect to local traditions, but to play an active part in their preservation and in their continued growth. That’s why at Coeur, we make community pride days, education programs and technology training courses a top priority.

Using Education as a Tool

Using Education as a Tool

Through a direct partnership with the Nevada Mining Association’s (NVMA) Education Committee, Coeur Rochester participates and supports mining education through a variety of outreach programs. Rochester employees enjoy assisting with the NVMA Teacher’s Workshops throughout the entire state of Nevada. The workshops assist teachers to develop curriculums to include mining history and proper mining practices. All courses are developed to meet the State of Nevada school standards and encourage hands-on learning activities for all students and teachers in K-12th grade.

Burgers, Hotdogs and Thank Yous

Burgers, Hotdogs and Thank Yous

In 2016, Wharf hosted an Open House event for all community members as a “thank you” for their support over the past 30+ years. Based on the event’s success and the feedback from those in attendance, Wharf decided to make the open house an annual event. The event features gold-panning, picture opportunities with the equipment, free food, and an educational video.

Governance Structure

Coeur's business operations are managed by its officers under the direction of a ten-member Board of Directors. Coeur's Board is comprised of individuals that possess a broad range of business qualifications, professional experience, and industry knowledge, which enables them to provide proper oversight and expertise at the highest level.

Code of Ethics

Coeur’s Code of Business Conduct and Ethics requires all Coeur employees to Pursue a Higher Standard by complying with our high standards for ethical conduct, company policies and all applicable laws and governmental regulations, including company policies regarding:

  • Enviromental Matters
  • Health and Safety
  • Anti-Discrimination and Anti-Harassment
  • Legal Compliance
  • Related Party Transactions
  • Conflicts of Interest
  • Fair Dealings with Others
  • Anti-Corruption and Anti-Bribery

The Audit Committee of the board is responsible for overseeing and recommending board approval of the standards of business conduct contained in the code, including significant updates.

Code of Business Conduct and Ethics